Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good and Bad Gifts

There are some things that I really like people to give me when I am installing. One of those things is give me something to drink. Sometimes if they don't I will ask for a drink. About a week ago I did an install for a girl that was probably between Christin and I in age, and while I was there gave me a mineral water to drink, and then two of these Fuse drinks to take home. And a Ziploc bag of those little fudge striped cookies that are so delicious. Some people are just that nice.

Now on the other hand, a man with very good intentions I believe asks me if I would like a bottle of water. I reply that I would, and this two hundred and fifty pound man comes returns with this ridiculous bottle.

Do the people that buy these realize that they contain less fluid ounces than most baby bottles? Do they really think that this is enough for a grown person to get any satisfaction out of? I appreciate the thought, but I would almost rather have him keep it and not just cruelly wet my palette without really giving me a drink.

And last, I love little girls that ask my name and then make me a paper gingerbread man.


Anonymous said...

Love the gingerbread man.
100% cool. :]

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Maybe you should just move back to Texas... maybe after you are there long enough someone will give you a car, wife, house, and maybe a kid.

RC said...
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RC said...

Maybe we all should move back there. I wish every day that I never left. Sunshine, polite people, hearing "sugar" when women speak to you, smelling brisket and ribs cooking everywhere you go....ahhhh! the good life!
Add to that the drink of water (almost), great signage, properly shaped waffles, young ladies that provide you with nurishment to take home AND most importantly, a paper gingerbread man. What more could a man ask for??!!

indeazgirl said...

awww...that gingerbread almost made me cry. You should frame it.