Friday, December 4, 2009

AOL News

AOL has some great news that always pops up when I check my e-mail. Tonight was particularly good. A few things I explored tonight.

The World's Scariest Train Rides (also very beautiful)

Christmas street display at XOXO store in Manhattan has girls living in a pretend room that change clothes for everyone periodically

Unfortunately I have a reason to dislike USC slightly less. Crap.

Awesome Parenting


RC said...

As an avid SEC and Big 12 fan I can scarcely even think a good thought about ANY team from California BUT after viewing this and maybe even tearing up a little, I must admit that Pete Carol maybe just a little better of a person than I had previously given him credit for. I also promise not to automatically turn off any USC game that comes on (at least until the first quarter is over.....)
These players, especially the center should be transfered immediately to Texas,Alabama or Florida just for his good deed of making Olsens day a little brighter.
Am I thinking "Go Trojans!" Naw, just a bad dream.....

indeazgirl said...

Remind me to marry someone who thinks of teeth-pulling out like that.