Thursday, December 31, 2009

Details of a Wandering Mind

I have a problem. I have a wandering mind.

It's not that I wouldn't like to dwell on things sometimes, but it is very hard for me. I just forget about what I should be doing. And yes, my mom has suggested Ritalin to me several times.

Tonight Christin asked me to go out to her car and get the recycle garbage can out of her car. On the way out she told me to take the garbage to the dumpster as well. The following is my mind dialogue;

"Usually I only take the garbage over when I throw it on top of my car. That is such an energy saver. When did I get that idea? When I bought my Camry of course. I wonder if I would have thought of that if I only had my Cadillac. I wonder if it would scratch it or just make it dirty. I'm so glad I have that car. Sometimes older cars are fun, even if just to beat up on. I should light that car on fire one day, that would be a good memorial to her. Or jump it off a cliff! That would be awesome. I wonder where you could jump a car off. Hollywood people do it somewhere. They clean it up after I bet. I wonder if Google has the answer. Google is so great."

By this time I reached the door. And yes, I definitely had forgotten the entire reason I went out in the first place, which was to get the recycle bin. I drive myself crazy sometimes.


RC said...

Along with your father and mother.

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

And me.

Will Kindrick!! said...

hahahhaha, that was awesome. atleast you recognize that you've trailed off somewhere. it takes me a few days to come back to my original thought process. :)

amblur! said...

^^^that.... that was actually from me.. Amber Ray.

indeazgirl said...

and brad was so excited that someone new had stumbled onto his blog....lame.

A.C.K. Family said...

The only difference between you and I dear brother is that I have children to remind me of what I'm doing. My daughter follows me around making requests for activities she'd like me to engage in and my son follows me around tapping his chubby hand on his mouth and chanting "eat, eat" so that my mind is constantly trying to think of an activity that will entertain Kaitlynn and not make a mess and in which I can participate in while feeding my poor malnourished son. Someday your mind will no longer find the blissful time to wonder.