Thursday, December 24, 2009

Every Light In The House Is On

Every year John Vizzard spends the entire month of December in fear. "Why?" you ask yourself. I will tell you. John is terrified of houses burning down all around him. And the Carbiener family does not help with this.

Christin began to put lights on the Christmas tree this year since I was out of town for a few weeks. John was there at the time. Christin managed to put three hundred lights on the tree but only covered about the bottom foot (I am told). She seemed a little distraught and tried again, yielding very similar results. Now normally my sister would have gone and bought more lights as a solution. However John would absolutely not have this. Not entirely because his responsible self would consider it a waste of money to buy new lights, not to mention the extra electricity, but because he is terrified of this tree catching on fire if too many lights are used. So he put on the lights, and yes, they look very nice.

Bridget on the other hand does not worry about such things. What she does hate though is our icicle lights. Every year I climb around the furniture in my living room with my staple gun and hang hundreds of them. And I love it. It makes it feel very Christmasy and for just a moment I forget that it is seventy-five degrees outside.

And every night when I go to bed with those lights plugged in I wonder if I shut off the lamps in the living room because it so stinkin' bright. And it's awesome. I actually think of this song every single night.

So even though John unplugs my Christmas tree every night when he leaves just to have me go right back out and plug it in again, and Bridget thinks we're a little more white trash for having those lights up inside, I love it. I'm grateful for Christmas and especially for our disapproving friends.

Now why was I in Utah? Well Bridget had a little surgery. So I came up to play nurse for a week and a half. So we hung out and even though we didn't build a fort, go to the movies, or go ice skating, I did take this picture of her. And we had a very nice drive to the doctor way too many times in a week. And sewed way too many buttons on blankets. But it was honestly a great week.



Burger Supreme deliciousness

A sure fire way to make sure no one wants to break into your locked box

The kittens keeping a very close eye on me while I read the scriptures. Yes, they laid on top of each other exactly like that for a half an hour.

The lake driving through Provo Canyon

And just cause I think she deserves a sexy not surgery picture.


Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Oh how do I love thee...

Utah misses you.
Snow and all.

shirley elizabeth said...

She definitely does look hot in that not surgery picture.