Friday, December 25, 2009

Lotion In My Flan

For years Christin has had her Williams-Sonoma Healthy Kitchen cookbooks. Since she bought them she has been dying to try lavender flan. Not that she had ever tasted flan, but she did think it sounded fun.

I decided I would make it for her birthday. So Tuesday I went to the one store that I know of that sells fresh lavender and bought some. I hid it and snuck it to Bullhead City. I made it while keeping Christin out of the kitchen. Then it had to set for EIGHT HOURS! So we had to wait til today. It was pretty good. But very pretty. And Christin liked it (even if my mom didn't nearly as much). And my aunt said it tasted like there was lotion in her flan. But she liked it too.

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RC said...

How I love your mother's beautiful face, even when she is making an "what just went into my mouth" face.