Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Quarter Dog

Well we can't call him our dog. And we really couldn't say even half dog. So let's just settle for a quarter. This is Jaded Wax, a five year-old ex-racing greyhound. See our neighbors got him. And when they would be gone, they would occasionally ask us to hang out with him. But now, I sometimes hope they are gone so we can pretend like we have a dog for at least a few hours.

I know at least one of the Carbieners really wants a dog right now. And I know that the other one does too, just not quite yet. So for now we'll just have to settle for stealing the neighbors large, "not conscious of his own size", lovable greyhound.


RC said...

Please wait until you have a house, a baby and a real job (not necessarily in that order) before deciding on which BOXER to get.

indeazgirl said...

He is a cool humungous dog. Who, of course, loves me. As most smart dogs do.