Wednesday, December 7, 2011

State Fair

For my birthday Brea's mom got me two season passes to the state fair, which was awesome. I love it, and I love the concerts that you get to see for next to nothing. So our first trip was to see Darius Rucker and it was great.

Our next trip was with Christin and Jonmark. We got there just in time to see the Turkey Stampede!!

While Christin and Jonmark saw Bodies with his family, we hung around to see Valentine's performing pigs, which was, well, an experience. Though it made Brea want a pig.

After some more time walking around, now reunited with the rest, we made it to the Monster Truck/RV Demolition Derby. And for a measly five dollars, we got to take a ride in the back of a Monster Truck. Brea nearly peed herself, half from excitement, and half because she was scared. It was a great day, we had great company, and I'm so excited for next year.

A girl happy to have a funnel cake.

Now that is a corn dog.


RC said...

No picture of the actual corn dog?! Sounds like it was a pretty good outing. Explain how you utilize Season Tickets to a state fair? Our state fair only comes once a year for like a week. So are they good for multiple years or what? Glad you guys had fun.

RC said...

Mom finally pointed out the corndog. Still have my color distortion. Missed it all together until she pointed it out.

indeazgirl said...

I almost didn't see the corndog either. Do you think dad noticed the "snow" all over the front on me? I think he would have made fun by now.

RC said...

There are some things you can make fun of and then some things you just learn to accept. Messes on the shirt of your oldest daughter???Not to worry or even think it's out of the ordinary!