Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preparing for Christmas!!!!!

Having your first Christmas together is kinda a big deal. You have to figure out where you're gonna be, and how you're gonna get there, and when you are going. You have to somehow combine two peoples' traditions together to find something that works for you. And for some people, like my new wife, it was THE FIRST TIME SANTA EVER CAME TO HER HOUSE!!!

First came the light up reindeer we picked up on black Friday. Then the wrapping of our palm trees with lights. Then came picking out the tree (a first for her too).

I wanted to go with this one, but in the interest of our apartment, we decided to keep looking.

But instead we compromised on one more full than she wanted but less full than I wanted. And it was perfect.

I'll have to put up a decorated tree picture tomorrow.

Christmas came. Christmas left. And it left us all feeling a little more warm, a little more loving, and a little more like a family. And though I know next year will be a different one for me, I'll be excited to try something new when the time comes


RC said...

I'm glad that you two could feel all that after the mayhem we had this year. I am most happy that you came, you seemed to enjoy it and most of all you grew together as a family. And maybe your new wife decided we aren't all that bad as in-laws.

indeazgirl said...

Holy crap. Brea needs that Santa Claus hat. It's probably on clearance by now.