Monday, February 16, 2009

Back to School, Back to School

I wrote this last blog post and then I started on my homework. An hour or two later, my breathing was possibly the worst that it has ever been. I was constantly gasping. I actually started to get a little worried about it. I stopped doing homework, watched some tv online, and tried to relax a little.

As nervous as that did make me, I realized that my problem is school. I haven't exactly done awesome in school since I have been in college (I suppose you could include high school in that sentence as well), and I am a little nervous about not doing well this semester. I am not taking hard classes really, but if I ever plan on graduating college, this semester is kinda important. And every subsequent one.

The last few days have been better though. I got my homework done, I did awesome on my test that I had. I will be okay.


Anonymous said...

This makes me kind of feel like I've been a crappy friend lately. Not really there anymore. Don't be stressed! I still think you're amazing and seriously, you know you're going to do so awesome this semester.

RC said...

Maybe I should have mom call you and make you talk about school this time....Yes, I sluffed too many high school classes. Yes, I didn't pay enough attention to tests and quizes....Yes, I wish to heck I would have listened to you mom.....Well, isn't that sort of like talking about your accident:0)
Okay, maybe my attempt at humor is only funny to me. Sometimes I kill myself!!!

RC said...

I hope you do well. Christin said you were contemplating dental school. I am hoping you make it. I was thinking, Christin a doctor, Brad a dentist, Candice a cosmetolgist....Mom and I can have free medical, doctor and hair in our retirement!!!! SCORE!!!!!

bradleyjohn said...

maybe you should have paid more attention to your "quizzes" dad, hahaha.

indeazgirl said...

Keep breathing, dude. You'll do fine.