Sunday, February 1, 2009

Guys and Dating Complaints

Today in church our normal priesthood lesson was replaced with a dating one. I don't have a lot to say on the topic except that both sexes complain to much. Girls complain about the younger girls getting asked out. Guys complain about everything else. They don't want to put in any effort. The general consensus was that girls should take the initiative more, don't be afraid to have a date idea, not play games, let the guy know if she likes him, etc.

Look here. That is not how it should be. Girls should flirt more, yes. And to have input on things like dates is appreciated, but it shouldn't be the girls job. That is what guys are supposed to do. And there needs to be some of a game to dating. It should be fun. So guys, quit complaining. Get a pair.


Madison said...

oh brad, how i love thee and thy comments. i enjoyed today's lesson just as much as you did :) i though it was so funny, but i did realize that i hang out with boys too much and need to start cutting them off :)

RC said...

I guess I have to ask....what is Madison doing in a PH meeting? And just for the record I hated the "game". So much nicer to be married and not have to deal with wondering if the date was good enough, fun enough, etc. Just to have a steady woman, with intellegence, looks and a kind loving heart is the best a guy can do. Not having to look for one any longer is better yet.

bradleyjohn said...

The bishop taught the same lesson in Relief Society. His wife taught it in Priesthood. And I'm sure it is better married, and I'm looking forward to it, but you need to enjoy getting there.

shirley elizabeth said...

I was so good at dating.
Ha that was something I was afraid of giving up to get married.
Hm maybe that'll be my next blog.