Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day Parties

As I was sitting in church yesterday I decided that I needed to have a Groundhog Day party. So I made up a Facebook invite and sent it out. Well, most people didn't come. But some did and we had banana splits and ice cream while we watched Bill Murray relive Groundhog Day two hundred times until he finally sealed the deal with the girl of his dreams. I think this is a day that is far too often neglected. Tomorrow I might just start the planning for next year's Groundhog Day party.


Sweet Em said...

I love ground hogs day. I didn't do much to celebrate this year, but generally i at least like to commemorate with sausage.

bradleyjohn said...

and you could eat it and tell your children that that is what happens to the groundhogs that can't predict weather.