Monday, February 9, 2009

Who Doesn't Want an iPhone?

Since Apple first came out with it's new product lines some five years ago, I have tried to boycott them the best I could. Though all of my friends and just about everyone I know has jumped on the iPod bandwagon, I still haven't. I have sold both of the ones that my company gave to me, and there is a 30 gb iPod video of Christin's that has sat at my house for over a year and a half without ever being so much as turned on. . . . I'll just leave that one there.

Anyways, for some reason I haven't bought one. I don't like that they try to make you only use their stuff, like iTunes and the special headphones and adapters that they used to have. And now the iPhone.

I don't really want one for a phone. I can call with any old phone (just ask Christin :)). But now they are coming out with all of these amazing new applications, and . . . well . . . I want one. Who wouldn't? Check these out.

I will start these off in strict contrast to my last post:

1 ) Kiss application for valentines day

Kiss is a new application from for the iPhone. It allows you to send a virtual kiss to a loved one. Simply kiss the screen, your lip print shows up and then select a background from over 20 choices.

Select the recipient of your virtual kiss along with a short message and send it off. The recipient receives an image of your kiss via email.

A fantastic idea for Valentine’s day or just to let that special someone know you are thinking of them. Kiss is available for 99 cents from the app store.

2) Coke’s New Spin on iPhone Advertising

Coca-Cola (KO) has developed an iPhone app that could potentially generate loads of free advertising.

The latest app is a proprietary take on the classic “Spin the Bottle” game. “Spin the Coke”—designed for Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone or iPod Touch—features a Coke-bottle image that can be spun on a variety of backgrounds. Coke describes the program as a way to “break the ice - or to give that someone special a not-so-subtle hint.”

3) iPhone Can Now Double As A Heart Rate Monitor & Fitness Tracking System

Santa Barbara, Calif. - iTMP Technology, Inc., a pioneering iPhone hardware and software developer, announces the commercial launch of SMHEART LINK, a highly-anticipated new technology that is poised to bring unparalleled health and fitness capabilities to Apple(R) iPhone and iPod(R) touch users. For the first time ever, a technology is now available that allows the iPhone to double as a heart monitor and fitness tracking system that actually listens to a person’s heart. In addition to the iPhone and iPod touch, SMHEART LINK can be compatible with other smartphones, PCs or other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

4)BeatMaker, $19.99

BeatMaker combines a drum machine, sampler, sequencer, and editor with an expandable sound and effects library that includes lots of different instruments. The app has a bit of a learning curve, but beat-crafters who want something for composing on the go will really dig it. The lag time (latency) is low enough that you could conceivable use it in live performances too.

5) Midomi, Free

Shazam is a fun song-identifier app, but it only works for recorded performances. With Midomi, you can sing, type artist/song names, or hold the iPhone in front of a speaker, and the app matches it to a huge database. It returns lots of info including reviews, purchase links, and video links.

6) Absolute Fitness, $14.99

If your body is a temple, Absolute Fitness makes your iPhone its guardian angel. Its polished interface lets you monitor your nutrition, weight, and workouts, so you can reach your fitness or diet goals. You can look at progress charts and get customized food analyses, or (like us) you just use it to look up how much fat is in that slice of bacon you're holding

7) Ocarina

Some genius figured out how to use the microphone on the iPhone as an air-flow sensor — now we've got a virtual ocarina, albeit not potato-shaped. Hold the phone up to your lips and blow; four "holes" appear on your touch screen allowing you to play almost any scale (which you select under Settings). Share your tunes with other Ocarina players around the world, or just set the app to listen to their masterworks. (The Ocarina app costs $0.99.)

So honestly, I could go on for days about this. But anyone who knows me knows that any phone that has a "Spin the Bottle" application is probably worth it in my book.


RC said...

Before wasting good money on one of these and all the amazing applications they offer, it would be wise to take care of other things first. Any old phone will allow you to call and receive calls. Stick with that until other things are taken care of. Just friendly advice from one who loves you.

Anonymous said...

Number 3 and Number 6.

I'm coveting...

bradleyjohn said...

I never said that I was going to buy one dad. I am well aware that I am broke. I don't even think I would buy one if I had scads of money. Doesn't mean I don't secretly lust after them.

RC said...

Lust will only get you in trouble. Phones, girls or whatever....