Sunday, June 10, 2012


Now getting to important stuff, I have tried several times to make pasta, all unsuccessfully.  Brea and I decided one night a few months ago that we were going to make crab and lobster ravioli.  I had a new cookbook so I decided to try that recipe for the pasta, and we found the info for the filling on the epicurious app, which I am so glad that Jeffrey introduced me to.  Here is the problem with pasta recipes.  They are INCREDIBLY varied.  For example:

Michael Symon says to use 1 1/2 C flour to nine egg yolks
Jamie Oliver says to use 5 C flour to eight egg yolks
The ravioli press says to use 2 C flour to 2 egg yolks

Maybe these work for others, but not for me.  We ended up with AMAZING filling which Brea made, and unusable pasta.  Luckily we had some jumbo shells and salvaged something of it.  A few days after, we gave it another try.  I found a youtube video (honestly, how did we/the world function before the Internet and that website) about how to make pasta in five minutes.  And he made it look easy.  So we bought and cooked two artichokes and some chicken.  We mixed that together for another great filling, and I attempted the pasta.  And amazingly enough, IT WORKED!!!!  Though the video said 1 C flour to 1 whole egg, I had to double that to get the right consistency.  But the ravioli turned out beautiful.  And few of my culinary accomplishments have been so sweet.  Not that I've had many.  But it was great to finally get it right after failing so miserably on multiple previous occasions.

The beginning of the filling.
The sauce.
The first attempt, after mixing the eggs and flour.
All the lobster and crab meat.
And the less pretty looking result of that.
The back up plan.
Still very delicious.
Do you see how beautiful those are?
I still can't really believe it worked.
And trying to get the dogs to lick whipping cream off Olivia's face after dessert.

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RC said...

As I was reading this and feeling your pain on failing to cook something that SEEMS so simple I was thinking this was a new experience in Texas. Then the picture of Olivia and Jeff and I thought, when did they go down to the great Nation of Texas? Then I started examining the pictures of the kitchen and realized these are old pictures taken in Arizona. That's right, not much gets passed the old man.....
It look delicious and I had to smile when I read that lobster was the first choice of filling for you know who....
Bon' appetite!