Thursday, June 14, 2012

Making the Most of Your Time

I wouldn't usually say I utilize my time well, at least consistently. We had been wanting to go to the San Antonio temple for a while but had been unable to do so because of morning installs or our desire to sleep in on days off.

Yesterday we finally decided to go. So after getting to bed a little after twelve (I hadn't gotten home until ten thirty) we woke up at twenty after five so we could be out the door by six (or six twenty…). Two and a half hours later, two sleepy people arrived at the temple. We weren't exactly early but were still asked to be the witness couple which was kinda fun. It really had been too long since we had been and I'm so glad we finally could go. And the temple was gorgeous. As was the hot little blonde standing in front of it.


Not Just the 9 to 5 said...

Miss you guys so much.

RC said...

Okay, so I was reading this and got to the part of the cute blonde out front and quickly scrolled down to see if you got a picture of her and then saw my pretty daughter-in-law and forgot she is now blonde....oops, senior moment! She is beautiful.

Bonnie said...

So glad you two made it a priority to go to the temple! Looks so pretty!!!

indeazgirl said...

SO impressed with your country-wide temple attendance, you righteous traveler you.