Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stalking in the Modern Age

I bet stalking used to be hard. No cell phones, no Internet, things like that. Now a days we even have apps to help you with it. For example, Finding Friends. With this handy app, you can conveniently zero in on the location of your friends whenever you want (though they do have to give you permission at least once).

So I can check on Brea when she's home, Tom when he's working in Chicago, and Jeffrey and Olivia wherever they are (my sister isn't included in that list cause she hangs out with her ex's too much and doesn't want me to know…).


indeazgirl said...

Way to call me out, Brad. Way to call me out. :-)

RC said...

I guess he was just calling a spade a spade now wasn't he? I've heard of this app and would have loved to had it when you guys were all teenagers. Think of how handy that might have been? I wouldn't have had to go looking for you in irrigation canals...I would have know RIGHT where you were! Consider that your payback Christin!

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

I would say nice job on calling Christin out but wow... you are such a creeper! Have you traded in the Camery for a large white van?

Stalking is illegal in all 50 states. Gross.