Thursday, June 14, 2012

Breakfast of Champions

Growing up I ate breakfast every single day, no exceptions. I am not really sure when I lost that habit. I still try to, but if I miss it doesn't ruin my day.

But some days I want breakfast.

A few days ago I had a morning off so Brea went and got donuts (from Shipley's of course) for me and some of the other guys I work with. I ate two, but a few minutes later I decided I was still hungry. I decided to make biscuits and gravy.
And then omelettes.
And then hash browns.
And then bacon.

1 comment:

RC said...

So I just finished eating lunch and am quite full BUT this breakfast looked so good that I am ready to eat again, right now! Next time you're here, YOU are cooking breakfast. Looks like the spatula is passing from one generation to the next!