Thursday, June 14, 2012

Friends in a Far Away Place

…well far away from Phoenix at least.

My first week in Corpus I was sitting in church and I saw someone that looked kinda familiar, but I had convinced myself it wasn't that person by the end of class. However, shortly after she came up to talk to me since it was, in fact, Whitney (Potter) Evans, who I had gone to high school with.

Now we weren't by any means close, but occasionally we would be around each other because of mutual friends. The good news is Brea and her have become friends and get to hang out every once in a while (bad news is we're leaving for Houston in a few days).

I got off early Saturday night and so we decided we'd go on a double date with Whitney and her husband, Ryan. We first went to a restaurant on the island called Scuttlebutt's which I thought was a bit overpriced at first, but then I saw the portion size and reconsidered. The food was delicious.

After dinner we went down to the beach for a little bonfire. Turns out, this was something neither of us men had any experience with. It took some time, repositioning of cars, and some lighter fluid but we finally got it going. We hung out, talked a bunch, and roasted some mallows until almost one in the morning. It was such a good time and it makes leaving just a little bit harder.

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RC said...

Two men in Texas that can't start a fire? Glad I wasn't there to share in that embarrassment. Just think of it as starting up the smoker. Simple task of fire starting 101. I got to teach you how to do the smoker.....
Glad you found someone to connect with and that you and Brea could spend some time with them. Nothing like having friends around to make life better.