Sunday, June 17, 2012

Precious Gems

Last night I was trying to find a particular video clip to show Brea.  In the search for it, we watched a lot of not-so-exciting video of Kaitlynn and Tate chasing each other around, playing with bubbles, and picking on the dog.  What we also found was this precious gem of Tate's life.


Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Is is bad I watched it more then once? Awesome and so adorable at the same time!

RC said...

Oh my little Taterbug and the water dispensor on the fridge. He still loves to get his own drink of water with ice and spills just as much. Glad you didn't record the crying that came after the fall as it was intense for sure.

indeazgirl said...

so so sad. and soo so funny.