Monday, May 25, 2009

Billy Bob's

Searching for things to do in the Dallas/Fort Worth area I found out about Billy Bob's. They claim it is the world's largest honky tonk. Who couldn't get excited about this?!?! So Saturday night I talked Jordan, my lead tech, into going there with me. Now, Jordan was born and raised in the Phoenix Valley. He is not a Texas boy by any means, nor does he like country music at all. I think that it may have been a bit overwhelming at first for him. We walk in and there is a fake bull to take pictures on, a mechanical bull (there are also professional bull riders earlier in the evening), a decent sized dance floor, a huge v.i.p. section with a lot of really drunk people listening to a live band, a lot of pool tables . . . there is a lot of stuff in this place. I felt a little awkward without a beer in my hand, but before too long some lady came and found me and got me to dance with some girl. So we danced a dance, and she set Jordan off with another one. They were there for a bachelorette party, and we hung out with them for a bit. Then we decided to shoot some pool, so we went and found some other girls to play with (I picked the wrong partner, Jordan and Emily rocked us). I think I could get used to Texas night life.

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Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Giddy Up Cowboy.

Did you shimmy like you always do on the dance floor?