Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Somewhere Other Than the Night

So that title to a Garth Brooks song really doesn't have anything to do with what I'm about to write except that it is about night. That's just what I wanted to call it.

I am sitting here thinking about how much I don't want to finish this Power Point for my class in the morning. Mind you, it will probably only take about fifteen minutes of real work to finish it, but instead I am thinking about everything else that I could be doing. It is fascinating to me sometimes how in the evenings my body gets this rush of something and the last thing it wants to do is go to bed. I know that part of it is knowing that if I go to bed that I am going to have to wake up, which is a terrible experience for me almost every time it happens. But sometimes I just like to be up. I like to sit around with nothing to do at one in the morning. I really enjoy watching the Craig Ferguson show (if you'd like to, you can see it here). He's Scottish, not English, despite what he says (and Wikipedia says he plays the harp even though he swears that he doesn't). I kinda like to hang out on Facebook late at night and check on people's profiles and wonder why people are still awake and what they do at two in the morning. I like to cook late dinners of pork chops and mashed potatoes or have early breakfasts of omelets and bacon at times. Occasionally I even make desserts of hazelnut macaroons or brandied crepes. I love to read. I would even buy night lights when I was younger so I could have a little light to read by without turning on the main one in the room so that my parents wouldn't catch me. Sometimes I'll write in my journal and sometimes I'll blog (though not that much). As Candice once said in her blog, back when she was a night owl, night is a great time for doing laundry. It is a good time for cleaning, hot tubbing, ... alright, I'm out of stuff to list. But I'm glad that I am a night person. And I'm glad that school will be over for me in four more days and then every night can be a late night again.


indeazgirl said...

And then we can hang out and watch late night episodes of How I Met Your Mother again!! And plan trips to exotic hotels!! I like you being responsible and all, but this early to bed early to rise thing is just too weird.
BTW, I should scrub my tub next time I'm up... (as in tomorrow night)

RC said...

Go to bed, you're tired.