Monday, May 25, 2009

New Churches and Old Acquaintances

Finding a new ward is always a little tricky. Sure they have it listed on the internet, but over the last few years I have realized that that information is not always accurate. This summer I decided to actually call the church to find out where I should be going. I was told (at 7:30 in the morning) that the singles' ward was in a different building and it started at eleven. I show up, but not to a ward that had just started, nor to a singles' ward for that matter. It had started at 10:30, but I decided I should stay anyways. I asked the elders after sacrament about it, and they told me it started at 2:30. I ended up staying for the first block of meetings, then I went home for a sandwich, and then made it back for round two. I walked to the middle of the chapel to sit down, and there sits one of my good missionary friends!! It's funny that I have found a missionary in each of the wards I've been to since leaving Tempe. Anyways, it was a good meeting, I met a couple cute girls with their sexy accents, and now I'm going to a pool party tomorrow. Excellent.


Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

That is so cool! I remember being in Chicago and that happening there too!

Hope the party was awesome... I mean did you really spend all that time in the gym for nothing?

RC said...

It is amazing that you find mission friends all over the place. I hope they enjoyed seeing you too. Now if you would spend more time looking for a husband for your sister and a wife for you (both from Texas of course) all would be well in Zion. I hope the gym and the pool party paid off well for you.

bradleyjohn said...

I wish it had!! The problem was that I came at the beginning and then the end. I never even got to take off my shirt :(