Thursday, March 18, 2010

Country and Clovers

I don't usually do stuff for St Patrick's Day. I mean two years ago I randomly kissed this girl cause she had a "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" necklace on. But what I mean is I don't usually make it a night out. But this year Tyler and Ariana wanted to do something and Toby Keith's was having a free concert with Easton Corbin, who is one of my favorite new artists. So off we went. And even though they closed the kitchen early and we all really wanted some nachos, it was still awesome. And of course there were the hot servers in boots and cut-offs which is always a plus.

Afterwards we went to go rent a movie and I got pulled over. Oddly enough I had no clue what for (I usually know when I have it coming). He was kinda a jerk and had me get out of the car and stuff. Apparently I had not used a blinker to change lanes. So after starting a field sobriety test I remembered what day it was and caught on. The cop loosened up after he realized I had definitely not been drinking. Hopefully he actually caught someone later.


RC said...

Aren't you glad he didn't have access to the photo ticket records? He would have thrown you in the clink forever. I wish I could have gone to the concert with you. I really like that guys music. I guess this was one time you got off when you deserved it.

Katie said...

Wow, your St. Patty's day was definitely more exciting than mine. Haha.