Thursday, March 11, 2010


A few weeks ago my friend Kenia dropped her phone in the toilet. She was wearing a hoodie and it sneaked out of the pocket and "plop". Her boyfriend Josh made fun of her for this, but the next week his phone slipped out of his hoodie pocket and "plop". He posted on Facebook that it was probably bad karma for making fun of her. Seeing as how I did it within the last year, I figured I was safe commenting some "ha ha ha" remark. But then Tuesday rolls along, and out slips my phone out of my hoodie pocket and "plop". It wasn't in for long, but water doesn't take a long time to get in. I took it apart, let it dry, but the touch pad stopped working. But after another day I took it apart again, and yes, it's fixed. I am really happy I don't have to get a new phone yet.

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kristine said...

Do you think there are now poop particles in your phone?