Monday, March 1, 2010

Relative Cost

Christin has talked to me before about the relative cost of things that she has bought. On one hand she has things like her food processor that cost twenty dollars and has had regular use for a decade. Then there are our expensive clothes we buy, and what not. I figured out a little formula for this: real cost * (product duration in years/0.06)(possible enjoyment from 0-100/.008) = actual cost to me.

Thinking of this, when I got the idea on Tuesday that I needed to have a way to enjoy Lake Tahoe better. I wasn't going to find someone with a boat, but it would be possible to find some jet skis. So I started looking on craigslist. And for almost half of what my Cadillac transmission cost, for less than my Camry cost, and for less than two months rent at our condo, I found some jet skis. And that's not even figuring in the actual cost with my little formula there!!! If I did that they only cost me $284.40!!! And I am very excited.


RC said...

They look nicer than I imagined for the price. I would tell you good job but then your mother will read it and get on me about spending what we don't have, etc,etc. I am a bit jealous because I love the water and playing on it. Many good times were had in my bass boat, my john boat and my canoe. Of course since I am now in the land of FROZEN STINKIN' LAKES and will most likely never see flowing water again, I guess I will just have to dream of you having a blast on them without your dear old dad. Good job on this purchase, now focus on something to pull them to the lakes with.

kristine said...

OH, SO THOSE ARE JET SKIS. I was thinking water skis, as in those 2 long board thingies that you stand on, on the water. But jet skis are much cooler

Carolyn said...

Oh my holy hannah! Check out those beauties! Well done.