Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Hurt Myself

I would not by any stretch of imagination be classified as someone who never gets hurt. I've had literally hundreds of stitches, four or five good concussions, a few off-road accidents, a few on-road accidents, etc. Installing alarms I cut myself almost daily, and hit my head enough that I think about wearing a helmet while I work (not really). The other day though I was getting something out of my trunk, but I forgot to remove my head before shutting it. Soon there was a lot of blood running out of my hair onto my forehead. This picture was a few days later. Luckily there were no stitches needed.

I first attempted taking the decals off my jet ski with one single razor blade. Not only was this very labor intensive, but really very ineffective and not that safe. Example:

I tried to catch the falling razor blade and ended up shoving the point of it into my hand a ways. It wasn't the nicest feeling thing. But luckily, that too didn't need stitches.

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RC said...

My son is walking accident waiting to happen. I think you should probably not mention any of this when you apply for that job since I think you told me it would involve putting together a SAFETY program for the company????? You may not be the poster child for this project.