Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Pumpkins

Our first pumpkin carving activity was a few weeks ago with Jeffrey and Olivia.  Yeah it was a bit early but it was a good jump start to get us in the Halloween mood.  Mine is supposed to be a zombie, maybe eating a brain in front of it.  Kinda hard to get.  Brea's is a super cool Pac-Man with vampire teeth, and Olivia made Domo.  And Jeffrey was afraid of touching the pumpkin guts so he just watched.

Does it make sense that that is a brain?
I guess we left Olivia's out of the picture....
The second go was the next weekend.  We had Brea's friend, Amanda, and her guy come over and I carved a devil, Brea rocked a minion, and Amanda and Jose did Hello and Mummy Kitty, respectively.  And now the pumpkins have all long since rotted and been thrown out.  Now we have none.  Too bad we don't live in Idaho or they would freeze and last forever outside.

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RC said...

Really a good job on all of them. We bought pumpkins about a month ago and all but one are still with us. One rotted in the garage and RAN all over the place. Mom put it in the garbage but forgot to tell me until I lifted the bag out of the can and it ran a bit more. DISGUSTING to say the least. We should start carving this week, maybe Monday for FHE but Adam will be gone so we may wait for his return. I will see if we can be as creative as you.