Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Greatest Show On Earth

The circus was in town, and since I drove by it everyday I eventually talked myself into buying tickets.  I thought it would be a surprise date for us.  One day, maybe two days before the show, we drove by it and Brea says something to the extent of, "One day I'd like to go to the circus.  That's on my bucket list."  And then I said, "What if we go Thursday?"  

It's kinda fun when something that you don't think is that big of a deal gets a good response.  This was one of those times.  She gets real quiet for a minute, her big old eyes well up with tears, and she asks if I'm serious.  When I say that I am, then come the tears.  Not sobbing mind you, but good little happy tears for the next few minutes.  It reminded me a little of the youtube girl that gets to go to Disneyland for her birthday.  

Does she look a little excited?

Still excited.
I look like I'm still trying to wake up.
And really excited now, with an elephant.
I love the hair.
White tiger, as I'm sure you saw.
Some more (I think they had nine).
Hey my sister got me that shirt.

And the elephant can paint.
Hey remember these swords dad?  Best purchase that guy ever made.
When everyone came out.
These guys did some cool things running around in and out of those loops while they spun around.
And of course more of the elephants.
I was honestly left with a little bit of sadness after seeing the show and then reading the reviews.  I think our society has become so used to Vegas type shows that they can't enjoy a circus anymore.  Complaints about prices were all over the place.  It seemed like thirty dollars a ticket was more than fair to pay for the few hour show that we saw, and I imagine it's not terribly cheap to travel around with a fleet of elephants and tigers, and horses, and all that stuff.  Though it was lousy there was no trapeze.  That was pretty lame.  Other than that. it was an excellent show.  And yes, Brea was smiling just as much after the show.


Bonnie said...

I SO AGREE that a circus is to priceless a show to lose! I had to smile at all the memories of your Heman sword!

indeazgirl said...

This post almost made me cry twice. 1- When Brea started to cry. You are a good husband.
2- When I saw those swords. I cannot believe you didn't get one. But at least now we know they still make them.

indeazgirl said...

p.s. I saw 9 tigers on a truck in Belize at the border between it and Guatemala. Weird, right?

Bonnie said...

TOO PRICELESS! I hate it when I do that!

RC said...

And how could I not remember taking you all to the circus. We were so broke but managed it somehow and we were glad we did. And the sword was the BEST gift we could have gotten you (with the exception of a new baseball bat or glove). I am not sure how many times I heard the phrase, "I have the POWER!"
A circus without the trapeze artists would be a little bit of a disappointment but hey, times are changing. Too bad people have become so accustomed to magnificant shows and thrills that they can't appreciate the simplier things like a good old fashioned circus. Glad you could put those happy tears in the little womans eyes.