Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spa Day

So my mom came into town. Really, it's always wonderful when I get to see my parents. I do miss them sometimes more than I realize. Anyways, her and my aunt Jill decided to spend a few days at a spa I believe to reward themselves for having taken such good care of my grandfather the last few years of his life.

Just because she's so stinking nice, she paid for Brea and Christin to come spend a day there too, which include both an hour long pedicure and an hour long massage. And a waterfall pool, and hot/cold pools, and the sauna, and the steam room. I hear they had a blast. I of course stayed home slaving away, cleaning the house to perfection (alright, so maybe it wasn't EXACTLY like that. I did clean a little though). I showed up at the spa just in time for dinner and ate this delicious sea bass. Piled in a corn tortilla and with that sauce on it, it was the most I've enjoyed a bite of food for a while. As well as some excellent company.

Ummm could you smile Jill?


RC said...

Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves and I am so glad mom and Jill could come down and just indulge themselves and get pampered they way they deserved. They did an incredible job taking care of their parents (yes, Nana too) for the last six years. Four days in luxury is a small repayment for all they did. And for Jills face in the picture, "That IS my happy face" come to mind..... She is under a bit of stress lately and unfortunately even the spa didn't relieve all of it. Give her a break.

RC said...

should have said "comes to mind". I am not from Roberts.