Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spooky Alley aka It Matters to THAT Starfish

After this, in true Carbiener fashion, we go to build this Spook Alley with Christin. At ten o'clock at night, the evening before the party. In her defense, she was busy, but she could have probably at least done the decoration purchasing. Though in hindsight, Brea and I provided invaluable assistance with this and with the construction. And I confirmed my assumption that I am entirely too big to fit in one of those anymore. And it ended up totally awesome.

And possibly those kids won't appreciate it too much, and maybe there wasn't too many of them, but it's probably one of the best they'll ever see.  Nice job Christin.  And us.

SUPER creepy Christmas light spiders.
I really like these ghosts.  But they took up a lot of room in there.
And Christin was excited about it which makes it all worth it.

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RC said...

Yep, that was in the true Carbiener fashion for sure. The party for 16 primary children must have been the best they've ever had. I am glad to say that my children and spouse were responsible. What a good job and I agree the ghosts were awsome for sure.