Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sexy and I Know It

Last year we didn't dress up for Halloween. Partly cause we both got sick, and partly cause I couldn't decided on anything I wanted to do.

Brealynn decided this would be unacceptable this year (which it would have been). She began asking me ... probably around the beginning of July what we were going to be. As usual, I couldn't think of anything that far in advance. Sometime in September we settled on Scooby Doo, Fred and Daphne.

The nice thing was, our total cost to put together that look was something like fifteen dollars. This included a wig and some shoes that Brea decided not to wear. But we looked super awesome, and had a super good time at our friends party (and I made s'mores with Reese's for the first time. Oh my gosh they are delicious).

Saturday I got the great idea that Brea would make a perfect member of the group LMFAO. She took a little while to believe it, but with ten dollars (which helped purchase a $4 pair of red snakeskin skinny jeans), a lot of hairspray, a black shirt that I lettered, and a pair of ridiculous shoes that were actually in her collection already, her look was completed.

With a can of gold spray paint and two light up bracelets taped inside for glowing eyes, I had my costume. And we looked ready to Party Rock. I sure am glad my wife's so fun to dress up as. And only complained a little when I asked her to dress up as a man. Maybe my dad could try this out next year....

Mystery Inc., minus Velma and Shaggy

What we were going for:

The one on the left goes by the name "Redfoo"
This is Robot Pete.
And the finished product:

And in case my dad wants to watch the whole video:


RC said...

Okay, so I watched the video (although I am still wondering WHY?) and then Candice was good enough to explain that I was the only one on the planet that didn't have a stinking clue to what you two were dressed up as. Now that she explained it to me I can at least appreciate your creative juices in making some good costumes. Your choice of someone to mimic is still in question....

Glad you explained the Scooby Doo thing too because neither your mother or I could understand when you sent the picture on the phone. After the explaination again, the creativeness is impressive. Have a great halloween!

BreaBaloneySandwich said...

I really am very happy with the finished products of both themes. I love dressing up!!

Bonnie said...

The fun part of your costumes is that they are sooooo different from each other. Way to go!!! I had to really look to see Brea in the second costume and then I assumed the box head was Brad;-)

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

NO! RC! I had NO CLUE either!

You TWO... Well done.. very well done. I have to admit even though I never saw it with my own two eyes "UP" has still been my favorite but Bre this year was by far the best I've seen.

Two thumbs up.